Spanish I: Modern Spanish Literature

7.5 Credits
First Cycle
School of Language, Literatures and Learning
Subject field
Spanish (SPA)
Group of Subjects
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
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Approved, 10 December 2021.
This syllabus is valid from 10 December 2021.

Learning Outcomes

The course aims to develop students’ skills in modern Spanish literature and ability to relate literary works to their historical and cultural contexts.
On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • read and interpret the contents of texts from different literary genres
  • analyse literary texts using literary concepts
  • demonstrate an understanding of Spanish literary expressions both orally and in writing as well as put literary texts in a larger historical and and socio-cultural context
  • describe the main structure and some linguistic aspects of the literary text and relate the literary language to the Spanish geographic variation.

Course Content

The course includes the study of modern literature from the Spanish speaking world and is based on Spanish and Spanish American literary expression from the 20th and 21st century. A selection of texts from various genres are treated both from a linguistic and literary point of view by using the basic literary concepts. The works are also set in relation to their historical, cultural and sociopolitical context. The course also deals with the literary text‘s use of language in relation to the of Spanish dialectal variation.


The course is assessed through written assignments, active participation in forum discussions and seminars and oral presentations.

Forms of Study

The teaching is conducted both in lecture form and in seminars with compulsory attendance in which students are expected to participate actively. Tuition is in Spanish.


The Swedish grades U–VG.


  • General entry requirements and Spanish 3. No knowledge of Swedish is required

Other Information

Replaces SP1027.