English: Scholarly Writing in Literary Theory and Criticism - Graduate Level

7.5 ECTS-credits
Second Cycle Level 1
School of Humanities and Media Studies
Subject field
English (ENA)
Group of Subjects
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
This course can be included in the following main field(s) of study
Literature in English1
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Approved by the Faculty School of Humanities and Media Studies, 16 May 2007.
This syllabus is valid from 01 July 2007.
Revised, 02 July 2020.
Revision is valid from 02 July 2020.

Learning Outcomes

The overall aim of the course is to prepare the student for the writing of a degree thesis in literature at graduate level. On completion of the course students will be able to:
  • show a solid familiarity with different types of scholarly writing in literary theory and criticism, such as academic papers, scholarly articles and theses
  • show an understanding of the literary research process, such as the development of key questions, a critical review of previous research, the implications of methodological and theoretical approach, text and discourse analysis, and the development of argument
  • apply common rules and conventions of Anglo-Saxon literary criticism for documentation, paraphrasing, quotation as well as the format for notes and the lists of works cited
  • apply in practice the above knowledge and skills in the form of an independently written, limited scholarly and argumentative research paper in literature
  • analyze and discuss the scholarly work of others by pointing out strengths as well as weaknesses in the form of constructive response
  • communicate in clear and comprehensible written academic English

Course Content

The course consists of advanced studies in the literary research process, which includes a critical reading of previous degree theses, scholarly articles and dissertations. The students also study common rules and conventions of how to refer to primary and secondary sources in the form quotations and paraphrases, as well as how to write notes and document sources. During the course the students perform a number of analytical writing assignments as well as a limited literary research project which is presented in the form of an argumentative essay.


The course is examined through written assignments, continuous assessment of participation in seminar discussions, and a limited research project presented in the form of an essay. Assignments which are turned in after the stated deadline cannot receive the grade of Pass with Distinction unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Forms of Study

This course will consist of seminars. All teaching is conducted in English.


The Swedish grades U - VG


  • 90 ECTS-credits of English, including 30 ECTS-credits at Undergraduate level 2, and a theory course in literary theory, or the equivalent

Other Information

The course was part of the Main field of English until 2015-08-01.

2009-07-01 (addition to Assessment)
2014-04-03 (Main field added)
2015-11-03 (Main field removed)
2020-07-02 (literature list removed)