Course SR3001

Maternal and Child Health - Theory into Practice

7.5 Credits
Second Cycle

Main field of study: Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Health

The course has no offerings planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

The overall goal is that students will acquire deepened and integrated knowledge within the field of midwifery in middle- and low-income countries. Further, students will demonstrate, both orally and in writing, the ability to integrate evidence and clinical practice in the healthcare of mothers and children.

After completing the course, the student shall be able to:

  • Describe the influence of health determinants on the health of mothers and children
  • Identify and, through reflective thinking, evaluate initiatives to enhance the health of mothers and children
  • Compile evidence and clinical practice in the information that is provided within the field of health of mother and child
  • Seek, analyse and critically evaluate scientific literature relevant for the field of midwifery
  • Evaluate, based on evidence, various strategies for leadership and various practical interventions that have the potential to enhance the health and wellbeing of mothers and children in low-income countries
  • Discuss and state initiatives that will promote the health of mothers and children from an economic, socio-cultural, gender and sustainability perspective.