Course JP1048

Japanese II: Language Proficiency 2

15 Credits
First Cycle

Main field of study: Japanese

The course has no offerings planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
  • communicate and make themselves understood to a great extent on everyday topics by native speakers of Japanese who are not accustomed to interacting with non-native speakers
  • convey suggestions, commands, respectful advice, offers and requests
  • carry on conversations with socially superior people, thereby using the appropriate polite expressions (honorific, extra-modest, and humble expressions) in given situations
  • present their knowledge of some aspects of modern Japanese culture and society that closely relate to the way one is expected to talk
  • apply their knowledge of syntactic structures to produce grammatically and semantically fairly complex sentences
  • demonstrate their comprehension of simple authentic texts using dictionaries and intelligent guesses regarding unknown words, loan words, or compound words
  • display their knowledge of the structure of dictionaries by demonstrating their ability to find relevant Japanese vocabulary on various subjects
  • write compositions on familiar and unfamiliar topics with learned and new vocabulary and grammatical structures they have studied
  • write texts of an extended length with coherent organization.