Course JP1047

Japanese II: Language Proficiency 1

15 Credits
First Cycle

Main field of study: Japanese

The course has no offerings planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:
  • make themselves understood in modern Japanese in communication on everyday topics with native speakers of Japanese who are not accustomed to interacting with non-native speakers
  • engage in conversations in real-life situations (such as expressing their ability to do things, their desires, their regrets, current events, reporting second-hand information, doing and receiving favors, narrating events, and chronologically describing hypothetical situations)
  • apply their knowledge of phonetics to speak in an easily comprehensible manner
  • present their knowledge of some aspects of the Japanese social etiquette
  • demonstrate their comprehension of complex grammatical structures and the emotional content of longer paragraphs and narratives on familiar topics
  • display a basic ability to use dictionaries
  • write compositions on familiar topics using previously learned and new vocabulary, and grammatical structures they have learned
  • write texts with an appropriate organization (for example, to communicate with a variety of people via email or letters using the Japanese letter format).