Course ABY22W

Building Energy Performance Simulation and Analysis

5 Credits
Second Cycle

Starts week 46, 2019

After completing the course the student should be able to:

  • Setup and perform building energy simulations;
  • Select appropriate tools for a given simulation purpose (such as for load calculation, system simulation and building energy simulation).
  • Select/Identify appropriate simulation strategies and procedures to fit the aim of the given simulation.
  • Interpret model results and identify errors.
  • Understand the performance of a building via numerical simulation and offer suggestions for energy saving.
Starts and ends:
wk46, 2019 - wk3, 2020
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P: Course only offered as part of programme.
Entry Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Science degree from building-, energy technology or civil engineering related fields, or a similar degree of at least 180 credits. Documented language proficiency knowledge equivalent to English B/English 6 at Swedish upper secondary school or equivalent knowledge
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Tuition Fee
First Tuition Fee Installment:
11,250 SEK
Total Tuition Fee:
11,250 SEK
EU/EEA Citizens or exchange students are not required to pay fees.
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