Incoming Exchange Students: Apply for Courses

Before you apply to our courses from this webpage, read the following so that you understand what you need to do and have some basic facts about the process.

  • You apply for courses one semester at a time. If your exchange period is for more than one semester, you will apply for courses for the second semester when you are in Sweden.
  • If you require a Swedish residence permit, you must take campus courses totalling 30 credits per semester.
  • If you require a residence permit for two semesters, contact the International Office and request a Letter of Acceptance for two semesters:

Application Dates

  • Students nominated for the autumn semester apply from March 15 to April 15.
  • Students nominated for the spring semester apply from Sep. 15 to Oct. 15.

Late applications are accepted, the application site will not close.

Prepare and Upload Documents

You need to upload the following documents when you make your application, so be sure to have them ready (your application will be considered incomplete if they are not included):

  • Nomination letter from your home university
  • Qualifications from upper-secondary school - only needed if you are applying for a language course other than Swedish
  • Transcript of records from your home university - in the original language as well as officially translated into English or Swedish
  • Copy of ID (with photograph, name and birthdate)
  • Proof of Swedish language proficiency: for courses taught in Swedish

Your home university guarantees that you have sufficient English language proficiency skills. No documentation is required; however, your English should be equivalent to B2-level, European Standard (CEFR). Contact the International office at your home university for guidance.

Course Choice: Checklist

When choosing your courses, check:

  • the language of instruction
  • the location - Campus Falun or Campus Borlänge (the word "flexible" means netbased/online)
  • the semester when the course will be taught
  • the start week, to avoid clashes between courses
  • the course level, see the course code;

            AB3234 – the first number (3) indicates advanced level   OR

            ABY22W – the fist letter (A) indicates advanced level.

  • your eligibility- click on the course link to access the course syllabus

Full-time studies = 30 credits/semester. You may register for a maximum of 37.5 credits per semester. You can choose a course package and combine with a single course, or create your own combination of single courses.


Apply for Your Courses

Now that you have read through the above, you are ready to apply for your courses.

  • First choose your semester in the clickable "Semester" button at the end of this list.
  • A dropdown menu will appear showing Course Packages and Courses.
  • Choose the course packages/courses you are interested in by clicking on the “Add to cart” button.
  • When finished selecting, in cart (Selections) click on the “Apply” button.
  • This will take you to the central webpage.
  • Either create an account or log into your existing account (if you have already created one).
  • Upload the documents as listed above to your account.

You have now applied to your courses.

Autumn Semester Courses

The publishing of autumn semester courses 2021 is delayed, but will be ready by early March. We expect the provision of language courses to be the same as during Spring 2021.

Notification of Selection Results

When you apply before the deadline, a Notification of Selection Results, including a note of your acceptance to exchange studies, will show in your account around mid-May for the autumn semester and mid-November for the spring semester.

Late applications are ranked according to the date they arrive, provided they are complete. You will be informed on an ongoing basis as to your status in your account - that is to say, as soon as we have processed your application.