Application: Later Stage in Programme/Change in Programme

To change your programme or to be admitted to a later stage in a programme, you need to log on to during the application period and apply there. If a programme can accept late applicants, it will reopen for applications after its final selection round (programmes can have one or two selection rounds). You can be admitted into the later stage of a programme only if there is place available.

For information about application periods and deadlines, see


Spring 2020

Late applications for programmes beginning spring semester 2020 will be available after the second selection round.

Autumn 2020

The following programmes are open for application in the early admission round to a later stage in a programme for autumn 2020:

Master Programme in Solar Energy Engineering (120 credits)
Data Science: Master programme (120 credits)
Business Intelligence: Master Programme (60 credits)

International Tourism Management (180 credits)

Please note that on, the details for a programme include the number of credits the programme is worth. Unfortunately, the number on is not always correct: for accurate information about the number of credits, see the information on this webpage.

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