Good Luck – now begins the next part of your journey!

To our students who are completing their studies spring 2019.

From seed to bloom. From knowledge to lifelong learning. Today you will leave this ceremony and enter the next stage in your life. With your education, you can now take on new challenges and contribute to the society of tomorrow – how do you want to improve the world?


An alumnus (plural alumni) is the word commonly used within academia to mean former student. Central to any alumni organisation is mutual exchange – when former students and universities benefit from one another’s experiences and knowledge.

To apply - please send an e-mail to

Apply for Your Degree Certificate

You can apply for your degree certificate when you have completed your studies. The certificate shows that you have met the objectives that are required for you to be awarded your degree.

Apply and get more information here

Sow a Sunflower Seed

In your hand, you are holding a seed and some earth, which together can form the start of something beautiful. We hope that you see not only a simple flower before you now, but also a symbol of what can grow from the foundations that you laid within your education.

Sow a sunflower seed:

Place the briquette at the bottom of the paper cup. Water lightly with warm water. Wait a couple of minutes. Sow the seed and place in a nice, sunny spot. When it is time, plant the seedling and the briquette directly in soil.

Share a picture of your flowers on Instagram with the hashtag #frånfrötillblomma and tag @hogskolandalarna.

We wish you good luck!

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