Web-Based Studies
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Web-based studies means flexibility in time and place. Dalarna University has a wealth of experience offering interactive online courses with seminars in real-time and recorded lectures for flexible viewing. The platform and tools we use are Learn, Connect, Videochat and Wiki.

Web-Based Courses and Programmes

You can take a number of our courses and programmes entirely online, meaning no physical meetings on campus as all communication is electronic. Some courses may require that you attend campus now and again, while others require more regular visits to the physical classroom. This information you can find in each course syllabus: see Programmes, Courses and Course Packages. 

The flexibility of our online courses and programmes means that you do not have to relocate and can combine family life and professional life with your studies, since you can work according to your own schedule. However, seminars are scheduled and attendance is often obligatory. This means that that you still need to work your time around these. Web-based studies also require a great deal of self-discipline for you to increase your chances of passing.

Our Online Learning Platform and Tools

We make use of the following learning tools and platforms:

Technical Equipment

To complete your web-based studies sucessfully, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Internet connection: at least 0.5 Mbit/s speed in both directions (2.0 mbit/s or higher is recommended)
  • USB headset (headphones with microphone)
  • USB webcamera
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