Most courses conclude with an examination you take either on campus or online to demonstrate you have achieved the learning outcomes. For each examination, including resit examinations, you need to register.

Examinations are used for grading purposes and exist in various forms, such as written examinations in a formal setting, submission of a report and participation in a lab.

  • You must always present ID (identification) at an examination.
  • How you will be graded is clearly described in your course syllabus.
  • Teachers have 15 working days to mark the examinations and submit the results unless special circumstances arise.
  • You have a right to discuss your grade with your teacher.
  • You normally have the chance to a resit examination at the earliest two weeks after and at the latest four weeks after the first examination.
  • If you fail the same examination twice, you have the right to request another examiner unless there are reasons that would prevent this.

Register for an Examination

You register for examinations on My Pages. Examination registration normally opens one month before the examination and you must register at the latest 10 working days prior to the examination day. You will receive a confirmation of registration to your university email account: if you do not, then you are not registered. You cannot register late.

Questions About Examinations

If you have questions about an examination, please contact the teacher or examiner directly.

Special Needs

Contact the examination coordinators Anita Lidfors or Roger Westlund for help with questions if you have any special needs that relate to the taking of an examination.

Examination Timetable

Online Examination

If you are going to take an online examination, then you need to be aware of the rules:

  • You need to use an external webcamera so that the examination invigilator can see both you and your screen. This means that your camera needs to be placed at an angle behind you and directed at the screen.
  • You need to have a headset (headphones) so that you can hear the examinator invigilator throughout the examination. The microphone needs to be off so that you do not disturb others.
  • Communicate with the examination invigilator using the written chat function.
  • Log into the examination room at the latest 30 minutes before the examination begins. Be sure to have photo ID available so that you can identify yourself.
  • Be sure that the lighting is strong enough so that you are visible in the camera at all times.
  • Be sure you can be reached by your telephone that has the number that you submitted when you registered on My Pages: this is in case the examination invigilator needs to contact you - for example, if you should leave the room.
  • Do not leave the examination room without asking the examination invigilator for permission: this applies both while you are taking the examination and after you have submitted your examination. If you are away for more than five minutes, your examination will not be valid.

Examination Results

After your examination has been corrected, the results are scanned directly to My Pages. You will receive your corrected examination as a PDF that you can print out.

Resit an Examination

To resit an examination, you must still be registered in the course. You can see your course registrations in My Pages. Contact a study administrator if you find you are not registered in a course. After this, you can register to resit an examination.

Teachers sometimes offer resit examinations known as "uppsamlingstentan" in August. However, this is up to the teacher to decide on.

Old Examination Papers

Previous examination papers are useful for revision purposes: you can see the examination structure and the kinds of questions you will be asked. You can find previous examinations for your course(s) on My Pages.

Dalarna University implements four different grading scales in its courses. Course syllabi describe which is used: these you can find on our website. The grading scales are also explained at the bottom of your Transcript of Records.

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