English for Academic Purposes
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Welcome to Dalarna University's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course package! This one-semester preparatory course package has been developed to accommodate students who require skills in English that will facilitate their university studies in programmes taught in English.

Autumn Semester 2019: Important Dates

Introduction Day

The Introducton Day will be held on September 12 and requires obligatory attendance by all EAP students.

The day will include a meeting during which you will get important information that will help you for the rest of the semester. You will receive a preliminary timetable on this day.

We look forward to seeing you then!


Your first classes will be on September 23 and your last classes will be held on December 13.

Note that resit examinations are held after December 13.

Description of Course Package

The course package comprises four courses, which are as follows:

Together, these provide a basis for you to develop the four core language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will learn how to integrate into a foreign university classroom that brings together students and teachers with a variety of cultural backgrounds, thus interculturalism is a key component of the courses.

You will gain confidence through group work and individual work that serve to help you improve your English language skills in a variety of contexts, though primarily in an academic environment. The friendly and personable environment that characterizes the courses is key to the success of the student group, as demonstrated by former students.

The successful completion of this course will result in the eligibility equivalent to English 6 (B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference) for further studies.

Meet some of our former students of English for Academic Purposes (webpage)

Applications and Course Fee

At present, this course package is open to international fee-paying students only, both undergraduate and graduate students. You can submit an online application here.

We encourage ALL international students to apply to these earlier rounds as the application deadlines and decisions come several months before the semester starts. This allows you to apply for and receive your resident permit (if needed), arrange for housing and have plenty of time to plan for your time in Sweden. In addition, you can find out much earlier whether you have been offered a place in a course or programme in Sweden, thereby making it easier for you to prepare and plan for your studies. universityadmissions.se.

The fee for the course package (all four courses) is 43 500 sek.

Activities for Students / Travel To and In Dalarna

We have a webpage that lists a number of events and activities in the local region by season and month. It also provides links of where to find more information about activities for people who are new to the region. For a small fee, you can join the Student Union and take part in their various clubs and scheduled events.

See Events and Activities (webpage).

Find information about travel to and in Dalarna on our website: Travel To and In Dalarna

All of us in the EAP Department at Dalarna University look forward to meeting you.

With general enquiries, email eap-english@du.se.

Administrative Staff

Lukas Zika

International Student Recruitment
Application Enquiries

Office Hours: email to schedule a meeting with Lukas

Mandy Bengts

EAP Administrator
General Questions

Office Hours: Tuesdays, 10.00 to 12.00 - Office in English Corridor

Teaching Staff

David Gray

I have been teaching English at Dalarna University since 2014. My specialisation is in English literature, and I teach English courses at all levels, from undergraduate to advanced.

Konstantin (Kostia) Andreev


I have been teaching English at Dalarna University since 2007, my main subjects being English grammar, pronunciation and writing proficiency.

Anita Purcell Sjölund


I am currently both Lecturer and Director of Studies in the English Department, and have taught a range of courses in English in my years at Dalarna University.

Megan Case (on temporary leave)


I have been teaching at Dalarna University since 2009 and have taught all the courses in the EAP course package at one time or another. I also work in the Education Department, teaching future Swedish schoolteachers, which is why my office is in the building called "Smedjan" rather than in the English corridor.

Zita Farkas


I received my PhD in Women's Studies from the University of York in England. I have since worked as a postdoctoral researcher and teacher at Umeå University in Sweden in a variety of language proficiency and literature courses. At Dalarna University, my main teaching is in English for Academic Purposes.

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