Former Students of English for Academic Purposes

Each semester that we offer this course package, we are joined by students from countries such as China, Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Such diversity contributes to a dynamic and multi-faceted classroom environment that stimulates discussion and learning.

Let us present some of our former students who successfully completed the English for Academic Purposes package and went on to further studies, mostly in Sweden.

2018: Binash from Pakistan

I feel very fortunate that I was part of these EAP courses. I have learnt how to present to an audience and how to understand texts in a better way. This will help me in my further education.

This whole period of studying EAP was fun as well because of the friendly atmosphere, and cooperative and helpful teachers. This course is useful for further studies and for professional life, and it enhances communication skills.

2017: Shadi from Iran

Shadi from Iran beside a lake in Sweden"I was lucky enough to take EAP at Dalarna University. I became more fluent in academic writing, pronunciation and presentations. Presentations were my weak point and I couldn't speak in front of an audience, but with more practice, I can claim that I am now a good presenter in my master's programme. This ability I gained during my EAP studies.

I am sure that if you choose EAP, you will acquire a good knowledge of English because of the professional and educated teachers. Good luck with your studies."

2016: Marjan from Bangladesh

Marjan from Bangladesh at Campus Falun"It was a great experience to be part of EAP. I have gained a good efficiency in reading, academic writing, pronunciation and presentation, which is going to be really fruitful for my further studies.The supportive and very responsive teachers have a great contribution behind this successful course. Everyone who needs to be skilled in academic English must do the EAP courses."

2015: Muhammad from Pakistan

Muhammad from Pakistan"The EAP course package helped me improve my communication skills and become so confident. I hope it will help me in my coming studies and also in my professional life. I found all teachers were very helpful and friendly. I strongly recommend the courses."

2015: Mahnaz from Iran

Mahnaz from Iran"The EAP course package gave me the opportunity to considerably improve my pronunciation, reading, writing and presentation skills. In addition, active participation in seminars lets you communicate with phenomenal teachers who made this course enjoyable. They were always available to support the students and really care about their students. Study and have fun!"

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