Programme syllabus

Teacher‘s Degree for Voctional Subjects in Upper Secondary School90 Credits

Programme code
Anna Annerberg
Approved by the University Faculty Board, 09 September 2016.
Valid from Spring semester 2017.

1. Objectives of the Educational Programme

1.1 Objectives, as Specified in the Higher Education Act (1992:1434), Chapter 1, 8 §:

1.2 Degree Objectives, as Specified in the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), Appendix 2:

1.3 Objectives of the Programme

2. Main Structure of the Programme

3. Courses of the Programme

4. Degree Awarded

5. Required Entry Qualifications

  • General entrance requirements for higher education as well as qualifying and relevant knowledge in one or more vocational subjects in upper secondary school. For further information of what constitutes qualified and relevant knowledge as specific entry requirements for programmes that lead to a Higher Education Diploma in Vocational Education, see the regulations stipulated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (