Campus Exams

The exam will take place at Campus Borlänge or Campus Falun.

To find the room that will be used for your exam:

  • Log on to the Student Web and select Examination. On the page you will find the schedule for each campus (Borlänge and Falun) and see where the exam will take place.
  • You can also find the exam under Your schedule (in the white box at the top of the screen with the heading Schedule) at the Student Web.

You should be in the room no later than 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Note that the doors will close 20 minutes before the exam starts. If you arrive and the exam has already started, you must wait 30 minutes outside the room until you are allowed to enter.

If an exam is to be held in more than one room, go to the first one listed, unless you are told otherwise.

Register for an Exam

Register for your exam at the webpage Examination Services. You are registered when you can see your registration at Examination services, Examinations you are signed up for.

Exam registration is open 30 days before the date of the exam and closes 10 working days before the date of the exam. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Register for your exam at Examination Services

Not registered for the exam?

The number of desks and seats in an exam room is limited. Students who do not register to take the exam may only do so if place permits. Be sure to arrive for the exam well ahead of time before it starts, preferably 40 minutes. You will then wait to receive information from the examination invigilator.

Study Aids

You must ask the course coordinator what study aids you may use during the exam. Do this well in advance of the day of the exam. The examination invigilator will check these during the exam.


  • Late Arrivals: If you arrive and the exam has already started, you must wait 30 minutes outside the room until you are permitted to enter.
  • Identification: You must be able to identify yourself with valid photo ID (passport, ID card, driving licence or Högskolan Dalarna keycard).
  • Approved Materials: You are allowed to have the following items on your desk: pen(s), eraser, valid photo ID, and study aids as determined by the course coordinator. The examination invigilator will hand out paper.
  • Time: The exam time includes the time it takes for you to fill in the information on the cover sheet, and the answer sheets must show the anonymity code. This is also the case with "blank" submissions: (i.e., when a student does not respond to the examination questions) must also show an anonymity code.
  • Communication: During the examination, you may only communicate with the examination invigilator (i.e., you may not communicate with anybody else).

Consequences of Violations of Rules/Suspected Cheating

Dalarna University students must be aware that anyone who is caught with unauthorised aids or who otherwise tries to mislead during the exam will be reported to the Student Disciplinary Board for further ruling on whether disciplinary measures should be taken (warning/suspension for a maximum of six months), cf. Chapter 10, Chapter 2 and Section 9 of the Higher Education Ordinance). The examination invigilator has the right to remove students who behave disruptively or who otherwise refuse to follow instructions.

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