Web-Based Studies

We have put together some useful information and tips that will help you with your web-based studies - everything from the technical equipment you will need to the contact details to our help and support services.

Technical Equipment 

You need to organise your own technical equipment for your web-based studies. In the list below, you can see the equipment we recommend. To be able to participate fully in your online courses, our recommendation is that you use a computer. However, if you do not have a computer, you are able to use a mobile phone, although this is not something we recommend. To test your technical equipment, and to receive advice and support, please contact us at our Support Café or support@du.se.

  • Fixed Internet connection (ethernet) with a recommended speed of at least 1.5 Mbit/s in both directions. You can check what speed you have on Bredbandskollen. We recommend that you do not use a wireless connection or mobile broadband since this can cause problems such as varying and low speeds.
  • A PC or MAC with MacOS 10.7 or later version, either a laptop or a desktop computer. We do not recommend Chromebooks, Linux or mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones.
  • Headset with a microphone, preferably with a USB connection. We not recommend headsets of the type Bluetooth or mobile headsets.
  • Web camera (not always obligatory in a course – ask your teacher if you are unsure). Note that a standalone web camera is obligatory for online examinations.

Study Support

Ten Tips for Web-Based Studies

Here are ten tips from our study and career counsellors that aim to help you in your web-based studies. Having a study strategy will facilitate your learning: you will use your study time more effectively and you will be better organised. You will also enjoy your studies more as a result.

  • Have a pleasant place to study at home.
  • Remove anything that might disturb you in your studies: for example, social media/mobile telephone.
  • Plan your week: full-time studies equals about 40 hours.
  • Sleep well and find time for some physical activity: both are important factors that affect learning in a positive way.
  • Have control over your (free)time by structuring and planning. What will you do today? What are your goals for the week? Begin planning by looking at the information provided by your teacher. Use a calendar to plan backwards from examination dates and dates for the submission of assignments
  • Whenever you feel you are losing your motivation, be sure to reward yourself for even small successes. Set yourself small goals!
  • Avoid putting things off. See past anything you feel is an obstacle. Increase your concentration/focus. Remember to take a break. Reduce any sense of stress. See the study tips described in the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Share/create mindmaps with your classmates – free apps/programmes are available.
  • Decide to take breaks with your classmates so that you can meet online over a cup of coffee/tea.
  • Make use of Dalarna University’s programmes and student licences, such as Office 365: see Office 365.


Study and Career Counsellors

The University can offer you study and career counselling services.

Study and Career Counsellors

Digital Tools

In the list below, you can see what digital tools we recommend you use.


You can find all the information you need about your course(s) in your Learn course rooms: for example, you can find lectures, lecture notes, timetable, articles, students’ names, teachers’ names and tips on further literature.

You will most likely submit your assignments in the course room, and here your teacher will give you feedback and comments on your work. In the various discussion forums, students and teachers can discuss various subjects, ask questions and receive answers.

Direct link to Learn (log in required)

More information about Learn


In Zoom you can hold discussions with other students, work on assignments, share the whiteboard and your screen, and use different programmes, such as PowerPoint. Use web cameras to see who you are talking to. Zoom is also used for seminars and oral examinations, just to give you two examples.

When it is time for you to use Zoom, access the link for your course. This you can find in Learn.

More information about Zoom

Zoom Support Café


Connect is mainly used for examinations.

List of Connect meeting rooms

More information about Connect

Connect supportcafé

Video Chat

The video chat allows you to follow real-time lectures online. This means you can be sitting at home and still attend lectures. At the same time, you can take part in lecture discussions with other students by using the chat function (you need to be logged in and so do the students you want to chat with). You can also write questions directly to the lecturer who is in the lecture hall.

Direct link to video chat

More information about video chat

Office 365

In collaboration with Microsoft, Dalarna University is able to offer Office 365 to its registered students.

How to install Office 365

Examination Formats

Examination formats differ from course to course. You can find what format will be used in your particular course(s) in your course room in Learn. Now that all teaching is web-based, the greatest change will be to campus-based examinations. Here you can find information about how campus-based examinations will be conducted online.

  • Prepare to take your examination online by visiting the Support Café before your examination begins. There you can get help with your camera and sound. Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 08.00-22.00 and Fridays 08.00-16.00.
  • You need Internet connection with at least 2 Mbit/s.
  • When you register for an examination, you provide a mobile phone number. You must be available on this number for the duration of the examination.
  • You will need headphones with a microphone and a standalone camera. For a limited time, due to the new demand that courses must now be web-based, the use of two computers is acceptable, with one serving as camera. The use of tablet computers (tablets) and mobile telephones is not permitted.
  • Your examination will be held in the Connect examination room that you can find in the “Additional Rooms” tab: To Connect.
  • You access and submit your examination in Learn.
  • You must be in the examination room with valid photo I.D. at the latest 20 minutes before the examination start time. If you have not registered for the examination, then you must be in the examination room 30 minutes before the examination start time.
  • If you enter the examination room 10 minutes after the examination start time, then you will not be permitted to take the examination.
  • You must be alone in your physical location.


University Library by Distance

The University Library is open, and you can access most of its services from your home. Do you need help with information retrieval or referencing? Or do you need to borrow library books?


Distance Library Services

The University Library on Campus

The libraries on Campus Falun and Campus Borlänge are open so that students have a place for individual study in well-ventilated areas with internet connection and access to computers. Groups are not permitted to meet inside Dalarna University buildings. Please note that changes may be made to services and opening hours.

Here you can find current information about library services

Help and Support

Students with Disabilities 

If you are a student with a disability or special needs and require assistance to be able to complete your studies successfully, then you can receive advice from our Coordinator for Students with Disabilities.

Students with Disabilities

Language Support 

Language Support offers language services to students to help them with their academic texts in Swedish and English.

Language Support

Student Counselling Services 

You are welcome to contact us at Student Counselling Services when you need somebody to talk to, be it in relation to your studies or to life in general. Our services are offered by a student counsellor, university chaplain and university deacon. All communication is confidential. 

Sudent Counselling Services


If you need help understanding and using our digital tools/learning platforms (Zoom, Learn, Adobe Connect, Videochat), you can contact our support services by email or telephone. You can also meet us in the Zoom Support Café: Monday – Thursday 08.00-22.00 and Fridays 08.00-16.00.


023-77 8888

Zoom Support Café

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