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We have put together some tips and useful information that you as a student can use when you study online.


You can find all the information about your courses in Learn, which is Dalarna University’s learning management system. You can also submit your assignments and access different forums where you, your teachers and fellow students have discussions, ask questions and receive answers.

Direct link to Learn (log in required)

More information about Learn

Zoom: Video Meetings

Zoom is a digital tool you can use to take part in online meetings. Both staff and students can access and use Zoom. In Zoom, you can share your whiteboard and computer screen, and use other programmes – for example, PowerPoint.

Dalarna University has signed a contract with Zoom so that its employees and students can use digital meetings in a more secure Zoom environment. To access Zoom securely, log in using SSO (this stands for Single Sign-on and is an authentication scheme). 

Information about Zoom and how to log in using SSO

Zoom Support Café

Programmes and Student Licences

Dalarna University has licences to software (programmes) that students can install on their computers for study purposes.

Study Tools

Online Examinations

Examination formats differ from course to course. You can find what format will be used in your particular course(s) in your course room in Learn. 

Technical Equipment 

You need to organise your own technical equipment for your web-based studies. In the list below, you can see the equipment we recommend. To be able to participate fully in your online courses, our recommendation is that you use a computer. However, if you do not have a computer, you are able to use a mobile phone, although this is not something we recommend. To test your technical equipment, and to receive advice and support, please contact us at our Support Café (Zoom) or

Study Support

Advice for Studying at Home

Many of us are now spending more time at home than we did before. We study from home, we work from home and/or we are in quarantine at home.

Here are some tips for how to manage

Study and Career Counsellors

The University can offer you study and career counselling services.

Study and Career Counsellors

Language Support

Language Support offers language services to students to help them with texts in Swedish and English. You can book and receive guidance online.

Language Support



If you need help understanding and using our digital tools/learning platforms (Zoom, Learn), you can contact our support services by email or telephone. You can also meet us in the Zoom Support Café.

Monday – Thursday 08.00-22.00 and Fridays 08.00-16.00.
023-77 8888
Zoom Support Café

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If you need help understanding and using our digital tools/learning platforms (Zoom, Learn, Adobe Connect, Videochat), you can contact our support services by email or telephone. You can also meet us in the Zoom Support Café:
Monday – Thursday 08.00-22.00
Fridays 08.00-16.00
023-77 88 88
Support Café

Language Support drop-in

On Mondays 09.00-11.00, you can receive language support on Zoom.
Language Support offers help and support with texts in Swedish and English.

To Zoom
To Language Support

Student Counselling Services

You are welcome to contact us at Student Counselling Services when you need somebody to talk to, be it in relation to your studies or to life in general. Contact us by email, telephone or Zoom.

You can find more information on our webpage Student Counselling Services.

Advice for Studying at Home

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