Student Counselling Services
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We offer support whenever you need someone to talk to about studies or life in general. Our services are offered by a student counsellor, university chaplain and university deacon. All communication is confidential. The University also offers study and career counselling services.

Student Counsellor

The Student Counsellor's office is located in the main building, Campus Falun.

Room: 161B, Campus Falun

Study and Career Counsellors

See our webpage entitled Jobs and Careers for contact information and other work-related information.

Student Chaplain

The Student Chaplains are available to all students and staff at DU.

The Student Chaplains are from the Church of Sweden and are employed by the Church to be a resource for students and staff at Dalarna University. The Church of Sweden stands for the Christian tradition; however, you can contact us regardless of your faith. We in turn can help you find somebody from your faith with whom you can talk.

The chaplains are there to listen to anyone who requires help, and all information is held in the strictest confidence.

You can come to us to speak about:

Drop-In Times

Campus Borlänge

Fridays between 9.00 and 11.00

Campus Falun

Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.00 and 11.00

You can contact us at other times on campus or by email/telephone.


Anna Frydenberg, Chaplain, Church of Sweden
Telephone: 023-70 20 94

Mats Cedergren, Chaplain, Church of Sweden
Telephone: 023 70 20 92

Student Disability Counsellor

See your webpage that is specific for students with disabilities: Students with Disabilities.

Language Support 

Language Support at Dalarna University provides help and support in both English and Swedish to students.

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