OER - Open Educational Resources

Dalarna University offers a number of Open Educational Resources that everyone - student or non-student - is welcome to use. You can see the list of our OER courses in our OER catalogue after you create an account, either as a DU student or as an external user.

Create an Account in the OER Catalogue

To apply to an OER course, you first need an account. If you have a Dalarna University account (for example, lbq@du.se or v02lajba@du.se), then you can use that account to log in.

If you do not have a Dalarna University account, then you will need to create a special (external) account for the OER catalogue.

To create an external account:

Open https://open.ext.du.se and click on “Sign Up” (top right). Follow the instructions and confirm your membership using your email.

Log In

If you DO NOT have a Dalarna University Account

Go to the OER catalogue https://open.ext.du.se and click on “Sign In” (top right). Enter your email address and the password that you have already created.

If you DO have a Dalarna University Account

Go to the OER catalogue https://open.du.se and log in using your Dalarna University username and password.

Apply to Your Chosen Course

To apply to a new course, log in and click on “Catalog”. Choose the course and click on “Enroll Now”.

Find Your Course

You locate your course by clicking on “My Dashboard” and choosing the relevant course. Click on “Continue Course”.

Create Courses in the OER Catalogue

(for Dalarna University Employees)

Contact NGLC to book an appointment and we can show you what you need to do. Email: support@du.se

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