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Midwifery in Bangladesh.


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In this course you will meet high-level officials in Bangladesh and national midwifery experts, who will introduce you to the midwifery profession in Bangladesh. The main aim of the course, the midwifery profession in Bangladesh and its scope of practice, is to increase understanding of midwifery and its scope of practice so that it is established as a new profession to its full potential in Bangladesh.

You will develop an understanding of the importance of midwives within the healthcare system in Bangladesh. The course combines different teaching methods: presentations, self-study and self-tests. The course is open to participants from all over Bangladesh, which creates a national learning environment. By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of evidence-based midwifery care, the formal education midwives have, the services they provide and the frameworks that regulate the profession.

In addition to Introduction to Midwifery care, the course is structure into 5 parts and each part have the form of a presentation, self-study of extra reading material accessible in the part and ends with a self-test. You can always stop and go back again. Under My grades you may keep track of your performance to allow you to continue. Please use the menu on the left side to guide you between Start page, Course information, Course Materials (where all the modules are), My grades and the Chat. Use the accompanying handout for each lecture (one in each module) as support notes. You can also download or print your handouts as well as Supporting Material. Notice that the Knowledge Check only will be visible after completing full marks from the previous module.

Please familiarize yourself with the course by looking at the guide below before you start with your first module "Instruction module". you will find it below "Course materials" and follow the instructions from there. Good luck!


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