Language Support
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We offer language services to students to help them with texts in Swedish and English.

Reading and writing are part of the process of learning, and as such we encourage you to contact us as soon as you are aware that you are experiencing problems in these areas. It is important that you develop a good level of competency when it comes to expressing yourself in writing, as you will benefit from this throughout your studies as well, of course, as in your future professional life. This is why we who work with Language Support would like you to meet with us at an early stage in your student career. We will then have a better chance of helping you to improve your literacy skills.

We can offer various activities and you can book an appointment with us to receive tuition. Together, we can help you better understand what you need to do to complete your assignments successfully. Note that we do not offer proofreading or translation services. Nor do we decide whether or not a text can receive a passing grade. You remain fully responsible for your own success.

How Language Support Works

  • Write your text then use the spelling and grammar check on your computer.
  • Book a tuition session.
  • Wait for us to get in contact with you, and we will then decide on a time when we can meet.

Dates: Spring Semester 2020

You can book a tutition session with us from January 7 to June 18, 2020.

Book Tuition

Use this e-form to book a tuition session

Academic Writing and Referencing

When you study at the university level, you will be required to write texts independently that are of an academic level. On the website Writing Guide, you can find concrete advice about the writing process and the formulation of questions.

Our library has a webpage that explains academic writing and referencing. You are also welcome to book an appointment with a librarian to receive information on how to search for academic articles and other materials pertinent to your studies.


Email and in the subject box, write Language Support.

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