Email migration

Here you can find more information about the email migration for students during the fall of 2019.

Our old email system will be discontinued and all student accounts moved to Office 365. This does not apply to H19 accounts that already are using the new system.

You will receive information via email when it's time to move your email account. When the move is done, you should use the new URL to access your email.

New email messages will only be delivered to the mailbox in Office 365.

PLEASE NOTE: Your email address ( will not change!

Older email

If you have messages stored in the old email system, they will be automatically moved to Office 365 during the days following the move. If you need to access old email messages during the move, please use

Only email messages will be moved. Contacts and group email lists will not be moved.

Email you have forwarded to an external provider (without a local copy) will not be moved.

Email forwarding

We strongly advise against forwarding e-mails outside the university as in many cases this does not work as intended. More and more email providers, such as Yahoo, are choosing to mark forwarded email as junk or refuse to receive the message altogether. You risk missing important information!

Sent email messages

In the previous email system, a folder named sent-items was used to store your sent email messages. In Outlook this folder is called Sent Items (or Skickat in the swedish version). When email messages are transferred from the old system to the new system, these folders will not be merged. This means that you will not find your older sent email messages in the Outlook folder Sent Items. These will instead be in a folder named sent-items.

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