International Office

Contact the International Office and our International Relations Officers if you are interested in or have questions about incoming or outgoing exchange opportunities, including traineeships (internships).

The staff at Dalarna University’s International Office can be contacted by e-mail. We are here to offer support and assistance for incoming and outgoing exchange students.

If you are an exchange student from a partner university who will be studying for one or two semesters at Dalarna University, then we are your main point of contact for support and assistance before and during your studies.

If you are a current Dalarna University student, we can help you with your plans to study or complete an traineeship/internship outside of Sweden: see our Erasmus+ Traineeships (Internships) webpage.

Please note, if you are an international student interested in completing a programme with us, then please contact the Programme Director of the respective programme: see our listings of programmes (courses and course packages).



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