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Here you will find a brief guide to Adobe Presenter. Click on the guide you want to read.

Publish an Adobe Presenter-presentation

Here it describes where you as a teacher can put your Adobe Presenter presentations and then to create a link, for example to publish the presentation in a course room on Fronter.

All teachers have their own so-called www-directory in which you can create your own website and this is where you should put your Adobe Presenter presentations.

Click the Start button on your computer and then select My Computer. To the left you will find all units (directories) that you have access to.

Double-click on a folder to enter it and then create a folder where you should put your presentation.

For example, create a folder called "presentations". In that folder you should continue to save all presentations.

The next step is to copy the published folder from your computer that you created when you published your presentation in Adobe Presenter.

Let's say your published folder on your computer called "political science". Then, copy the folder "political science" into the folder "presentations" in the www-directory.

Now is your lesson available on the Internet and what remains is to create a link to the presentation. The address in this case is science/index.htm
"dan" is my username, replace it with your username.

The directory names "presentations" and "political science", replace them with the names you have named your directories.
"Index.htm" is pointing to that file in your published presentation that is the start file. It is always named "index.htm" in Adobe Presenter.

The model of the link is

Missing www-directory or work from home

If you are missing your www-directory in Windows Explorer, you can open it if you click on the Start button > choose Run and the type \\\ www\username and then click on the OK button.

Then, you will see a login box and you can connect with your username and password. Note that DU\ must stand in front of your username. For example, for me it will be DU\dan.

If you work at home you can do the same, but you must connect with the VPN client first.

If you have questions regarding the VPN client, contact the IT-department and they will help you.

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