Official Documents

The principle of public access to documents (offentlighetsprincipen) is central to the Swedish legal framework and regulated by the ordinance entitled Tryckfrihetsfördningen. The principle means the public right to access information about the state and municipalities.

What is considered to be an official document (allmän handling)?

A document contains information and can be in paper form with printed text, a picture, a recording, a film or other information that, for example, can be stored, for example, on a computer or on a USB memory stick.

It is official (allmän) if it has been received by or been drawn up by Dalarna University. It should also be stored at the university.

Public (offentlig) or Confidential (sekretessbelagd)?

The principal rule is that official documents are public. For a public document to be determined confidential, there needs to be support for this in the Offentlighets- och sekretesslagen (2009:400).

Types of Public Documents

Administrative Documents

Examples are a research application, a decision from a funding body and a project report. These must be preserved and archived in the electronic filing system (diariet).


Research Data

Primary material must, as a rule, be preserved but can be destroyed in some cases, although not until ten years have elapsed.

Processed Research Data (bearbetad forskningsdata)

In many cases regarded as working material that can be cleaned out on an ongoing basis. Note that even such material must be preserved if it is required to understand the context or to provide factual details, or if it is required for results to be understood.


Scientific Publications

Must always be preserved. Digital publications are archived by uploading in DiVA. In DiVA, the decision is made whether a publication will be archived only or also published so that it is made visible externally. Note that even if a publishing house contract prevents publication, an archive copy still needs to be secured at the university.

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Printed publications are archived when copies are submitted to the archive.


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