Finance Management: Research Projects

Here we present some important information to assist you with the financial side of your research project, particulary when you are communicating with your Financial Officer (Ekonom).

When you contact your Financial Officer (FA), consider the following:

  • Contact your FA early in the process to discuss the financial aspects of your project
  • Set a meeting to draw up a budget/internal calculation well ahead of the application deadline
  • Prepare for the meeting: consider the costs of the planned project in relation to the funding body’s financial regulations/other conditions. For example, many funding bodies pay for publication costs – so-called Article Processing Charges (APC). Have you budgeted for this in your application? Is further funding required from the university?
  • Inform your FA as to whether or not the funding body has approved or rejected your research application. If it has been approved, then with your FA, you will review the administration of the financial aspects of the project (for example, transactions, project reports, final financial statements, electronic filing, of financial documents) during the duration of the project.
  • Contact your FA as soon as you know there will be a revision to the project (during, at the end, and after).

Budgets: Financial Terms

Indirect Costs and Direct Costs

Direct costs are those that are linked directly to the project: for example, wages, trips, and material.

Indirect costs (also called overhead costs (OH-kostnader)) are costs that the university or school incurs: for example, costs for the library, IT support, and administrative staff.

The Meaning of Full Kostnadstäckning (Full Funding)

In applications to Swedish funding bodies, indirect costs are calculated according to the SUHF-modellen. This means, for example, that everything the University does has costs that are both direct and indirect. Direct government funding (anslagsmedel) is not to be used to cover general costs. External research projects shall bear their share of costs. This enables the direct government funding to be used for other projects and gives the University greater flexibility in its use of the direct government funding.

This all means that for all research projects – as early as at the application stage – a supplement must be calculated to cover indirect costs. There is an internal calculation model that is to be used in conjunction with a research application. This model is drawn up by your FA together with the project leader/researcher, and must be approved by the Head of School after consultation with the research leader.

Budgeting for Wages

LKP – Lönekostnadspåslag

This is the cost above and beyond wages for the employer to employ somebody – for example, pension funds. The amount varies between the different age groups.

Article Processing Charges (APC-kostnader)

Nowadays, many research funding bodies require Open Access (OA) publication of research results and cover costs incurred for OA. These costs are called Article Processing Charges.

Find information about the funding bodies with OA requirements on the website of the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket).

For more information and advice, contact the university’s Research Support and Publishing.

Applications for External Research Funding at Dalarna University

More Information

The internal process for applications for external research funding:

(Save the files below and then fill them out.)

Administrative Information

Swedish law states that Dalarna University can no longer accept paper invoices.

To invoice Dalarna University, you will need to use the PEPPOL network or the E-fakturaformat (faktura means invoice in Swedish):

Detailed Information about E-Invoicing Dalarna University (pdf)

E-Invoice Information for Dalarna University

PEPPOL: use the format PEPPOL 0007:2021002908
E-fakturaformat:SFTI Svefaktura
Our Number (Identity) (GLN): 7300009068289
Organisationsnummer: 202100-2908

Note that when you, as a DU employee, place an order, always provide your DU reference number (objektnummer) and first name and surname.

Visiting Address

Campus Borlänge: Röda vägen 3
Campus Falun: Högskolegatan 2 (Huvudentré)
Kaserngården 15 – Dalregementet (Mediehuset)



Momsregisteringsnummer (Tax)

(Provide this upon the placement of orders for products and services from EU countries.)



For Payments from Other Countries

IBAN: SE 6612000000012810117632

Participant Identity Code (PIC)

(Provide upon Horisont 2020 applications.)


350 582 177
(Provide upon applications to USA funding bodies.)



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