Research Project: Differentiated instruction - to follow and promote preschool class students' litercay development

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Cecilia Wijnbladh
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Preschool students have progressed differently in their literacy development, some read books and others write, while others show no greater interest in text. Previous research and evaluations show that instruction in pre-school classes provides room for play and creative work. However, many teachers use a one-size-fits-all instructional approach. This means that students often receive the same tasks even though they have varying needs for support and stimulation. The focus of the study is to investigate whether and how the teaching of language and communication as well as play leads to differentiated written language teaching where students have the opportunity to develop abilities that are important for written language development. The study aims to contribute knowledge about how teachers plan, implement and evaluate teaching that follows and promotes pre-school students' written language development.The data collection has been carried out during the academic year 21/22 and includes video observations with field notes and interviews with teaching teachers. The aim is to contribute with knowledge about how the teaching of language and communication as well as play is differentiated.
skriftspråksutveckling, förskoleklass, differentierad undervisning, literacy, differentiated instruction, preschool class
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