Research Project: Art didactic choices that grant space for active students and their visual culture

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Mari Hysing
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The overall aim of this study is to contribute to further understanding of visual art education in upper secondary school by investigating how students can become more involved and active in visual meetings in the classroom. It is about how visual art teachers can invite students to choose images and how they together can reflect on and critically examine the visual culture that students are surrounded by and are a part of. The discursive practice in visual art education in upper secondary school is problematized with respect to how visual knowledge is constructed.

This is the second study in a doctoral thesis. The first study is "Visual meetings in the classroom. Art didactic constructions of knowledge and positions in upper secondary school" which was published in spring 2021.
bilddidaktik, bildundervisning, klassrumspraktik, pedagogiskt arbete, bilder, kunskap och makt, gymnasieskolan, visuell kultur, visuella möten, art didactics, art teaching, classroom practice, pedagogical work, images, knowledge and power, upper secondary school, visual culture, visual meetings
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