Research Project: Flipped Classroom in speech and action

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Karen Stormats
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The project is about investigating how high school teachers who flipp their classroom perceive and apply the teaching method. The project examines what purposes the teachers have for flipping, what roles teachers and students have when flipping and to what extent flipping can contribute to individualizing teaching. Three working high school teachers have participated in the study and they have been interviewed and observed on several occasions.

Flipped Classroom is described by the teachers who have participated in the study as a teaching method that can contribute to them being able to make teaching more individualized and flexible. The study also shows that the redistribution of time, which flipping aims for, means that teachers give students responsibility for working on their own with basic knowledge acquisition, which, in combination with other supporting elements in flipping, can disadvantage students who, for various reasons, have difficulties in school.
Flipped Classroom, utbildningsfilosofi, socialkonstruktivism, progressivism, Dewey, aktiva elever, individualisering, Flipped Classroom, Philosophy of education, Social constructivism, Progressivism, Dewey, active students, individualization.
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