Research Project: Valborg Olander's reforming efforts at Falu elementary school seminary 1888-1916

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Juvas Marianne Liljas
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The project analyzes Valborg Olander's (1861-1943) reforming efforts at the elementary school seminary in Falun. The focus is on Olander's extensive textbook production in the Swedish language and the didactic reversal that her ideas gave rise to.

Previous research finds that Falu Primary School Seminar shows signs of a progressive approach that in several respects points back to Valborg Olander. In the project, which is based on the anthology of the educational history research group; 'Dalarna University and the history of the primary school seminary, I ask myself how Valborgs Olander's pedagogical identity was shaped, where she got her ideals and how the ability to translate them can be related to the importance of seminary teachers for the feminisation of the teaching profession and the emerging profession of the teaching profession. In this spirit, the project also intends to highlight the collaboration with Selma Lagerlöf in the specific context and what she achieved through this collaboration that benefited the teachers' education in Falun.

The theoretical starting points of the project are based on Per-Johan Ödman's history of Swedish pedagogy and mentality, where the pre-industrial organisation at the Falun mine is linked to school development in Sweden.

The project is linked to the teacher education institution's research program through its historical impact on the teaching profession, but perhaps primarily through the educational historical gaze on reading and writing development as constituting the project's didactic and lesson-developed focus. The knowledge contribution points to the educational history mission of teacher education, which without the historical perspective risks keeping us trapped in a notion of the present as the obvious.
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