Research Project: solEMC - Methods to detect and to prevent EMI from PV-cell installations

Project leader
Urban Lundgren, RISE
Project Members
Marie-Désirée Kroner
Mikael Bergbom, friendly power
Jon Person, RISE
Project Period
Project Status
The project examines how electromagnetic disturbances are emitted from a photovoltaic installation in the form of radiated radio waves. The source of the interference may be the inverter that in connected to the mains. Different installations for the cables connecting the solar panels to the inverter should be compared and its impact on radiated disturbances mapped. This knowledge justifies how the costs of cable and labor cost of the facility can be weighed against the risks of electromagnetic interference from the installation. The radiated interference from a photovoltaic installation decreases with the distance so that sensitive electronicscan function without being disturbed if the distance from the photovoltaic installation is large enough. The participants in the project contribute with great experience in different areas. It provides opportunities to illuminate the problem from several angles and
inform installers, plant owners and others interested in photovoltaic power.
EMC, solceller, PV, växelriktare, elektromagnetiska störningar, kabel, kabel dragning, EMI, PV, solar, inverter, cable, cable management, electromagnetic disturbance
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology