Research Project: Taming the presidents? Exploring the links between presidential activism, policy-making capacity, and regime legitimacy

Project leader
Tapio Raunio
Project Members
Thomas Sedelius
Anna Fruhstorfer, Freie Universität Berlin
Vesa Koskimaa, Tampere University
Maarika Kujanen, Tampere University
Gianluca Passarelli, Sapienza University, Rome Sapienza University, Rome
Project Period
Project Status
The project examines the links between presidential activism, policy-making capacity, and regime legitimacy. Drawing on top-level interviews, data on presidential behaviour, expert survey, and public opinion surveys, it asks what are the consequences of presidential
activism for policy-making and the stability and legitimacy of political regimes. Institutionalized coordination mechanisms between the two executives should result in lower intra-executive conflict and thus higher policy-making capacity which in turn should produce stronger public trust in political institutions. Considering the challenges facing semi-presidential countries, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, the lessons drawn from this project also benefit practitioners involved in questions of institutional design. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland for four years (2020-2024).
president, premiärminister, legitimitet, policy, demokrati, regim, president, legitimacy, prime minister, policy, democracy, regime
Research Profile
Intercultural Studies
Political Science
Finlands Akademi