Research Project: "No room for Trafficking" - hotel employees' strategies for addressing and counteracting prostitution and sex trafficking

Project leader
Maria Thulemark
Project Members
Susanna Heldt Cassel
Project Period
Project Status
The level of knowledge about sexual trafficking has grown in the hotel industry, but it is still low when it comes to what strategies staff use, how they can and should act, and how they experience their working environment in relation to trafficking in the workplace. There is, as far as we have been able to see, no ongoing research into trafficking in relation to hospitality employees in Sweden and very few studies internationally.
The purpose of this project is to study approaches and strategies to respond to and counteract trafficking among employees in the hotel industry.

The project is based on a review of the existing research in the area and its adjacent fields such as sex tourism and trafficking in its wider form, as well as the collection of new data to create a knowledge base in the area of trafficking for sexual reasons and the connection to strategies for staff in the hospitality industry. The method for data collection and analysis is qualitative and is based on interviews with employees and employers at hotels.
The project's goal is to:
- generate new knowledge that can benefit companies, primarily in the hotel industry, but also in the hospitality industry as a whole, and be a starting point for continued research.
- build up a knowledge base and scientific competence that can form the basis for further studies and new applications for research funding. Continued research may be about employees' psychosocial work environment in connection with suspected and confirmed trafficking and how employers work and support their employees during such situations.
- disseminate knowledge from the project through publication, reports and presentations at scientific conferences and industry seminars.
Research Profile
Complex Systems - Microdata Analysis
Tourism Studies
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