Research Project: Parenthood After Neonatal Care - PANC

Project leader
Renée Flacking
Christine Persson
Project Members
Jenny Ericsson
Mats Eriksson, Örebro Universitet
Raziye Salari, Uppsala Universitet
Project Period
Project Status
This project aims to provide knowledge on how parents, whose infants have needed neonatal care, experience their relationships, health, and parenting during the first three years of infants’ life in comparison to parents of healthy and term infants. The research project comprises a longitudinal cohort study in which parents of children who have been discharged from six neonatal units (during six months) and matched parents from maternity units (during two months) are invited to participate. Parents will receive questionnaires at 2 and 6 months after discharge and when the child is 1, 2 and 3 years old. From this study, 15-20 parents of neonatally cared infants are recruited to a qualitative study in which they are interviewed about their relationships during the child's first year. The results of these studies then form the basis for the design of an intervention to be tested. Given the prevalence and negative impact of depression, anxiety and stress experienced by parents at discharge from neonatal units, it is crucial to explore their relationships, health, and parenting long-term and to develop interventions that improve parental wellbeing. The evidence based findings and recommendations from this study will therefore be of national and international significance for the commissioning, design and delivery of health care services.
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Caring Science
Region Dalarna