Research Project: Nationwide evaluation of multidisciplinary rehabilitation in patients with chronic pain”. The project is based on register data from the Swedish quality register and presently includes two PhD project

Project leader
Björn Äng
Project Members
Linda Vixner
Björn Gerdle, IMH LiU
Wim Grooten, NVS KI
Riccardo Lo Martire, IHV / NVS Högskolan Dalarna / KI
Elena Tseli, NVS KI
Project Period
Project Status
The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of multimodal rehabilitation (MMR) on quality of life, mental function and return to work. The project adopts a longitudinal study design and is based on data from the Swedish Quality Registry for Pain Rehabilitation (SQRP), which continuously aggregates data from 40 MMR clinics across the country. Six thousand patients will be included, with data collected before and after MMR, and at 12-month follow-up. The project is registered at ClinicalTrials. We aim also to evaluate effectiveness on society level including health economics for the period 2005-2020, amounting to a sample size of roughly 60,000 subjects. SQRP data will be linked on an individual level to data from Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s registry, the patient registry, the pharmaceutical registry, the income and taxation registry, and the population education registry. Innovation: to add knowledge on the effects of pain rehabilitation in natural treatment environments, and on how rehabilitation can be better adapted to the patients’ limitations and resources. Partners: Researchers from Swedish universities (Uppsala, Linköping, Umeå, Örebro, Lund) patient organizations (Reumatiker- and Personskadeförbundet RTP, and Fibromyalgiföreningen), and rehabilitation staff at joined MMR clinics.
Effektivitet, kronisk muskuloskeletal smärta, multimodal rehabilitering, register
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Sport and Health Science
Medical Science
AFA Försäkring
Högskolan Dalarna
Nationella Forskarskolan i Vårdvetenskap (NFV), Karolinska Institutet