Research Project: Interreligious Council in Borlänge (ICIB)

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Tomas Axelson
Thomas Sedelius
Jonas Stier
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The municipality in Borlänge has taken on a commitment to support social sustainability, democracy, inclusive citizenship and an intercultural development in the Community. As a part of this strategy, the municipality has decided to set up an interreligious council as a strategic tool to achieve this goal. This research project will follow the initial phase of this initiative with an qualitative study of the process and it's key actors. Research questions are the following:
What expectations are articulated by elected politicians, municipality staff and religious leaders regarding the lont term effect of an interreligious council? What other examples could be found on an national and international level?
Interreligiöst råd, interkulturalitet, social hållbarhet, kommun, svenska kyrkan, islam, moskéer, Interreligious councils, social sustainability, intercultural, church of Sweden, islam, mosques, community building
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Intercultural Studies
Religious Studies
Political Science
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