Research Project: Transcultural Identities in a Changing World - Book Publication

Project leader
Irene Gilsenan Nordin
Project Members
Kamal Abu-Deeb
Mattias Aronsson
Mandy Bengts
Katherina Dodou
Chatarina Edfeldt
Lung-Lung Hu
Hiroko Inose
Herbert Jonsson
Joyce Kemuma
Christina Kullberg
André Leblanc
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The forthcoming book Transcultural Identities in a Changing World focuses on the themes of migration and transculturality and their effects on the formation of individual and collective identity. The term transcultural is viewed at a socio-political and cultural discursive level, against the background of our changing societies and the cultural dynamics of an increasingly globalized world. The multidisciplinary collection will address how cultures today are interconnected, interact and intersect, as a consequence of migratory processes, global communications systems and economic interdependencies. Ideas concerning migration, exile, diaspora and hybridization are also of interest. The publication focuses on the relation between cultures, not only in terms of isolation and conflict, but also of “entanglement,” intermixing and interconnectedness. Also explored are how the identity of the individual is formed against these shifting backgrounds, and how multiple cultural influences, and the integration of differing cultural origins, play a part in our cultural formation - both in terms of who we are, and how identity is expressed in narrative forms and how we tell our stories.
identity, transcultural, migration, diaspora, identity, transcultural, migration, diaspora
Research Profile
Intercultural Studies
Högskolan Dalarna