Research Project: SHINE

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Chris Bales
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Martin Andersen
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The Solar Heat Integration NEtwork (SHINE) is a European research school in which 13 PhD students in solar thermal technologies are funded by the EU Marie-Curie program. It has five PhD course modules as well as workshops and seminars dedicated to PhD students both within the project as well as outside of it. The SHINE research activities focus on large solar heating systems and new applications: on district heating, industrial processes and new storage systems. The PhD students will complete their studies in 2017-18. Högskolan Dalarnas Project is a techno-economic study on centralised and decenstralised solar district heating systems. Kassel University is coordinator for the Project.
solvärme, fjärrvärme, solar heating, district heating
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology
EU:s Marie Curie Program