Research Project: Social and emotional learning i school and preschool

Project leader
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Åsa Bartholdsson
Johanna Gustafsson-Lundberg
Eva Hultin
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The purpose of the project is to study how boundaries between the private and public spheres are constructed in activities in school and preschool where socioemotional training is on the agenda. This purpose genreate the following research questions:
1) How can different actors' (teachers, parents, children/pupils)experiences of socialemotional learning be understood?
2) What notions of school's and parents' responsibilities in children's(pupils' socioemotional development can be discerned among the different actors?
3) How are boundaries between the private and the public spheres constructed in the matierals used in those activities?
4) What new meanings of school's normative assignment are constructed through the use of socialemotional programs?
socioemotionella program; terapeutisk kultur; skolan som offentlighet, social and emotional learning; therapeutic culture; school as a public space
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Education and Learning
Religious Studies
Social Anthropology
Skolforskningsfonden Högskolan Dalarna