Research Project: Netbased language learning

Project leader
Una Cunningham
Project Members
Kristy Beers Fägersten
Julie Skogs
Jonathan White
Project Period
Project Status
Högskolan Dalarna has proclaimed its intention to lead the way in Next Generation of Learning (NGL), which means that pedagogical development is the motor in the way new technologies are used for information and communication with our students. The research carried out at Högskolan Dalarna and in cooperation with others in this area informs and supports this work. We are in the unique position in Sweden in having such a large proportion of our students online as part of their netbased or campus studies. Our research efforts in this area are focussed on both the language that is generated in online learning and teaching (of any subject) and on the online learning and teaching of languages.
Regular higher seminars in Language and Culture facilitate a scholarly exchange centred on research carried out in our language learning environments and by visiting researchers in other contexts. There is a small group of researchers in languages, currently all in the subject area of English, who are active in the NGL field in NELL. Projects include the mobile learning of pronunciation, student experiences of NGL, comparison of learning outcome achievement in campus and online groups in the same course, the compilation of a net-based learning corpus, performance in online education, student e-mail communication, discourse dynamics in course discussion fora, non-native students’ writing in formal and informal online academic environments. Other researchers and doctoral students are expected to join the group in the months to come.
nätbaserat; distansutbildning; språkinlärning, netbased; online; distance; language learning
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Intercultural Studies
Högskolan Dalarna