Solar Energy Research Center (SERC)

The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) was established at Dalarna University in 1984. Since then, it has developed from being a specialist in the field of solar thermal technology to a specialist in complete energy systems.

Current fields of research include solar heating and photovoltaic systems, coupling of solar systems with various storage technologies, use of biofuels and wind power to meet seasonal or annual heat and electricity demands, and analysis of the interaction between people and technology in complex socio-technical systems. Our multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research is conducted in close collaboration with various corporations and government organisations.

International and National Research

Researchers at SERC are involved in several EU projects that focus on the incorporation of solar energy systems in the renovation of residential and office buildings, the integration of solar thermal systems in district-heating networks, and the use of solar heat pump systems in single-family houses. For the current list of our projects, please visit Energy and Built Environments.

Lab Resources

Our laboratory resources consist of test rigs for PV, solar heating, and wind power. As well, we have a combustion laboratory.


Dalarna University offers two international programmes (language of instruction English) related to this field of research: the One-Year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering and the Two-Year Master's Programme in Solar Energy Engineering.

You can also visit our main Solar Energy Studies and Research webpage.

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