Minority, Identity, Authenticity (MIA)

Key concepts within this area of research are minority, identity, and authenticity in close relation to the concepts of multiculturalism, pluralism, and cultural meetings.

Researchers in the Group

  • Doctoral Student Sanja Nilsson and Peter Åkerbäck PhD, Stockholm University

  • Doctor of Theology Torsten Hylén, History of Religion: his project is about the early development of Shia Islam.

  • Master of Theology Gull Törnegren, Ethics: currently working on a doctoral thesis about the life stories of two Palestinian and two Israeli female activists within the framework of feminist dialogue-based ethical and political theory.

  • Doctor of Theology Tomas Axelson, Sociology of Religion: his research interest is in contemporary meaning-making combining religion and film, and analysis of the paradigmatic shift from a text-based culture to an image-based culture.

  • Doctor of Theology Lars Folke Berge, Senior Lecturer of History and Religion: his research interest is in the Swedish press and the formation of opinion in connection with the 1935-36 Italian-Ethiopian War. He is involved in the research project "Educational Institutions and the Formation of Elites in Africa" at the University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Doctor of Theology Fredrik Karlsson: his research focus is on the ethical aspects of animal-human relations. In particular, his interest lies with pseudo-moral language, with animals being bestowed such characteristics as, for example, empathy or the notion of equal distribution.
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