Intercultural Language Studies

The research group Intercultural Language Studies is a forum for linguistic research at Dalarna University with focus on interaction, language contact and linguistic changes.

Our primary research interest targets the role of language in encounters across cultural boundaries, where 'culture' is interpreted broadly - not only in terms of belonging to a language culture, but also in terms of belonging to a group, organisation, or profession. By taking a variety of linguistic approaches, we explore the effects of language, both as a formative element in, and as a product of, such encounters.

Within our text-based culture, language is one of the most important forms of representation, contributing towards how we construct our understanding of our surroundings. What is  more, language is influenced by and changes as a result of the way we use it. The fact that researchers in the group represent a range of languages allows us to highlight the complex role of language in our communication. 

Our higher seminars take place approximately every two weeks during term time. Talks given at the seminars have dealt with topics such as language choice in higher education, norms in institutional talk, and various aspects of translation. The specific teaching and learning context at Dalarna University, in which teachers and students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds meet in virtual classrooms, is also a prime interest of the research group.

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