Intercultural Studies

Research that is part of the research profile Intercultural Studies (ISTUD) centres on human interaction within and between cultures, societies and institutions.

Our research aims to increase knowledge about and understanding of how we as human beings function in relation to our interaction with our cultural, social and institutional surroundings. It includes research on how our cultural background, ethnicity, gender, class, age and other groupings affect relations and communication. Culture and cultural expression - such as language, religion and literature - are not perceived as statistics but rather as phenomena that are in flux that are socially and ideologically charged. 

A large element of our work concerns democracy, power relations and minorities. Other elements include communication with sound and images, and the way in which new technology affects people and behaviour. We also examine intercultural interactions, and the challenges and opportunities that come with social and democratic integration, such as how the human being and human relations are represented in world literature.

The connections between terms such as culture (in the broad sense), power, identity and language are many and complex. As such, our researchers employ a series of different methods and materials, such as interviews, observations, texts, images, sound and statistics.

The research profile is broad, while working within it are some 70 researchers from disciplines such as sociology, political science, literary studies, media production, religious sciences and linguistics.

Research Groups

Audiovisual Studies

Research on new media, such as social media, web productions and mobile media as well as traditional forms such as film, newspapers and TV.

Global History (GLOS)

The fundamental theme of this research group is Global versus Local: visions and actions for future society in which narratives on the Swedish dream and "new society" are examined from a global-historic perspective.

Intercultural Language Studies

Research related to linguistics, with focus on interaction, language contact and changes in language.

Literature, Identity and Transculturality

Research related to literature, identity and transculturality, including cultural meetings between people in literature from various countries.

Minority, Identity, Authenticity (MIA)

Research in the areas of minority, identity and authenticity with close relation to the terms multiculture, pluralism and cultural meetings.

Transition,  Identity and Civil Society (TICS) 

Research on regime changes (transition), civil society and welfare politics, which in various ways relate to issues of national and cultural identity.

Research Centre - DUCID

Dalarna University Centre for Intercultural Research and Development

DUCID is a research centre that aims to promote collaboration and co-production between the University and municipalities, county councils, official bodies, civil society and businesses.

Research Publications and Projects

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