Considerable resources are spent on research both nationally and internationally to produce evidence regarding improved treatment and care within health care and social services. Despite this effort, much of the knowledge gained through research does not reach the public, patients, or users of social services. The gap between what we know about effective health care and social services and what we actually do with this knowledge is large, and there is a risk that it will become larger still.

The centre has a strong research programme involving various professions and disciplines that has been developed in collaboration with representatives from Dalarna County Council and the municipalities of Dalarna.

Areas of Research

  • Intervention studies aiming to develop and evaluate strategies for supporting the implementation of evidence-based knowledge and safe practices
  • Studies that map obstacles and opportunities for the use of research and safe working practices
  • Method development with a focus on the development and validation of instruments to assess context factors, and to measure research use and evidence-based approaches
  • Systematic literature reviews to identify the current knowledge base, primarily regarding different issues within implementation research

Researchers in different disciplines at Dalarna University and Dalarna County Council are active within KIPS. We collaborate with two other research centres at Dalarna University: The Research Centre for Ageing and Later Life (ReCALL), The Research Centre for Public Health and Sports (RePS) and Reproductive, Infant and Child Health (RICH). KIPS also has well-developed collaboration with many other research groups both nationally and internationally.

Research Coordinator
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