Energy and Built Environments

Our multidisciplinary research encompasses various fields of science and technology, all of which unite for the common goal of arriving at solutions that will allow for a more sustainable future.

Our research aims to develop new knowledge about systems that will make it possible for electricity and heat from the sun to function and to be integrated into energy systems in our homes and buildings. How solar energy can be used varies according to the time of day and time of year and does not always follow in unison with consumption needs. Questions that are central to us are how to work with this reality and how to store solar energy and heat.

A further component of our research looks at construction technology methods and components for energy-smart buildings: Energy Efficiency in Built Environments. Research on energy efficiency also looks at how social and economic factors, political decisions and other societal factors can have an impact on energy consumption and use.

Our research is characterised by regional and international collaboration, as well as collaboration with local businesses and public-sector organisations.

Main Fields of Research Specialisation


At the undergraduate level, the University offers three related bachelor's programmes: Construction Engineering (Byggteknik), Energy Engineering (Högskoleingenjörsprogram), and Urban and Regional Planning (Bygg- och samhällsplenerarprogram). These programmes are taught in Swedish.

At the graduate level, we offer three related international programmes: the One-Year Master's in Energy Efficient Built Environment, the One-Year Master's in Solar Energy Engineering and the Two-Year Master's in Solar Energy Engineering. These programmes are taught in English.

As a result of our research cooperation with doctoral programmes, the Swedish REESBE and the European SHINE, we also frequently host and supervise Ph.D. students.

You can read more about these programmes on our Research Schools webpage.

Thematic Fields

The specialisations of this research are presented in three thematic fields:

Solar Energy Research Centre (SERC)
Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Research Publications and Projects

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