Education and Learning

Research into learning, teaching and educational development in the past, the present and the future.

Researchers from this profile - Education and Learning - look at teaching and learning processes, as well as both the conditions for the individual - children, youth and adults - to acquire knowledge and the opportunities they have in terms of social development.

More often than not, our research has at its centre the child, the pupil, the student and the teacher. Our research is in fields such as literacy; didactics related to school subjects; social interaction, ethics and values; power relationships and issues of leadership and organisation in school and preschool; and the physical environment where teaching and learning take place. Further examples of fields of interest are the experiences of newcomers to Sweden in terms of schooling as well as sustainable development in preschool.

We work mainly with empirical research projects in close relation to schools and preschools, athough we also implement other types of projects, such as one that looks at the role of education in society and the ideas related to education that lie behind the formation of this role.

The profile comprises a number of groups that specialise in different subject areas: preschool education; educational leadership and educational environments; didactics - social studies; didactics - science, mathematics and technology; language education; the history of education; and critical studies in education.

In the spring of 2017, Dalarna University was granted the right to run PhD programmes in education. Doctoral student positions as they become open are now advertised on our Vacant Positions webpage.

Research Schools

Skolnära: a research school that has focus on research that is conducted in close association with actual activities in schools.

Research Focus Fields

Didactics: Higher Education (Högskoledidaktik)
Katherina Dodou

Didactics: Language (Språkdidaktik)
Åsa Wedin

Didactics: Literacy (LÄSK) (Läs- och skrivdidaktik)
Tarja Alatalo

Didactics: Mathematics (Matematikdidaktik)
Hanna Palmér

Didactics: Science and Technology (Naturvetenskapernas och teknikens didaktik)
Jörgen Dimenäs

Didactics: Social Studies (De samhällsorienterande ämnenas didaktik)
Maria Olson

Diversity in an Educational Context (Mångfald i utbildningssammanhang)
Jenny Rosén

Educational Leadership and Environments (Pedagogiskt ledarskap och pedagogiska miljöer)
Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr

Preschool Education (Förskolepedagogik)
Tarja Alatalo

The History of Education (Utbildningshistoria)
Juvas Marianne Liljas

Research Publications and Projects

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