Academic Ceremony

Every two years, the University holds an academic ceremony to celebrate and recognise its new professors, associate professors, doctors and senior lecturers. During the ceremony, awards are given for work with collaboration and for teaching. An alumni award is also presented.


The Academic Ceremony begins with inaugural lectures, when new professors share their research to attendees.

At the ceremony itself:

  • New Professors are inaugurated.
  • New Visiting Professors and Adjunct Professors are welcomed.
  • Honorary Doctors and Doctors are promoted upon successful completion of their degrees.
  • Associate Professors, Doctors, Excellent Teaching Practitioners and Qualified Teaching Practitioners are recognized for their work, along with Senior Lecturers who are promoted on artistic bases.
  • The Collaboration Award is awarded to an external collaborative partner and a Dalarna University employee.
  • The Alumni award is presented.
  • Dalarna’s Student Union awards a prize for teaching.
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