Register Your Research Project in the Research Database

When you commence a research project, you must register it in the Dalarna University research database.

Register / Edit a Project 

First access the webpage entitled “Registrera och uppdatera forskningsprojekt” (Register and Update Research Projects):

Registrera och uppdatera forskningsprojekt (login required) (in Swedish)

You can create a new project (Skapa nytt projekt) or edit an existing one (Redigera) that you are working on. Despite being able to view other projects, you cannot edit them. Should you experience any technical issues or, for example, should a project member no longer be a DU employee, contact for assistance.

Remember to save the projects you register in the database by clicking on “Spara” at the end of the webpage entitled “Redigera projekt”. After 20 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out of the session.

Registered Projects on Your Personal Profile Page

The research database is important when it comes to the presentation of the University's research. Once your project is registered, it will have its own webpage and will be accessible for external searches by, for example, researchers and journalists.

The projects you register in the research database will then automatically appear on your personal profile page. They will also be linked to DiVA, the University’s online research repository. Any publications that are generated as part of the project will be automatically listed in DiVA. In this way, you can see both in DiVA and on the website which publications belong to each project and vice versa.

You can find all research projects by using the search function on our website:

Find research projects

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