Academic Ceremony 2023

This webpage is for all those upon whom degrees and honours will be conferred at the Academic Ceremony to be held March 23-24, 2023. It contains important information about the ceremony and your role in it.

Dalarna University celebrates its Academic Ceremony every second year. On March 24, 2023, it is once again time for us to confer doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates, and to inaugurate our new professors. We also honour the appointment of docents, adjunct professors, visiting professors, and distinguished and recognised university teachers.

The 2023 Academic Ceremony will be celebrated in Borlänge. The ceremony will be held in Swedish.

If you are receiving a degree or an honour

It is important that you read the information that applies to the honour or degree that you will be awarded. You will also be sent information, such as a newsletter from, to your university email address. This will keep you updated on ceremony planning and important deadlines.

Invitation and Registration

In December, formal invitations will be sent to those being honoured at the Ceremony.

The University invites all whom will be celebrated to attend the banquet with one guest at no cost. You may invite two additional guests to attend the banquet at a subsidised cost. We recommend that guests be at least 15 years old.

All university staff are invited to attend the Ceremony along with one guest at a subsidised cost. 


This year, the Academic Ceremony will be followed by a banquet at Galaxen in Borlänge.

Dress Code: Ceremony and Banquet

For professors and doctors being honoured at the Ceremony, the dress code is formal: that is to say, robes, tailcoat with a white waistcoat, folk costume, evening dress or trouser suit. Guests can choose to wear folk costume to match the folk costume of their partner or a dress, skirt or dark suit that is fitting for the occasion. 

Doctors: Laurel Wreaths and Doctoral Hats

  • If you are being appointed as a doctor, please email your head measurements to by December 1 so that an order can be placed for your laurel wreath.
  • If you would prefer a doctoral hat, please order one on by October 31.
  • You can order a doctoral ring on
  • Please note that you yourself pay for the hat and the ring: the University does not cover the cost of these.


Information about accommodation will be available once registration opens in December.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Documentation

If you plan to attend the Academic Ceremony, please be aware that the inaugural lectures and the Ceremony will be both photographed and filmed. If you do not want to appear in the photographs or film, please contact

Important Dates

December 1, 2022 - Deadline to Submit Text

The Academic Ceremony includes the publication Högtidsskriften and a digital presentation that lists all new doctors, honorary doctors, professors and docents. View previous programme: hogtidsskrift-2021.pdf

Submit via form:


Guest Professor/Adjunct Professor 



Distinguished and Recognised University Teachers  

February 24 - Final Day To Register

Note, not to be December 1.

Everyone who will be honoured at Dalarna University will receive a formal invitation to the Academic Ceremony in November.

March 23 - Inaugural Lectures

 09.00 - 12.00: Professors' inaugural lectures – University Library, Campus Falun.

March 23 - General Rehearsal

17.00: General rehearsal at Galaxen in Borlänge - attendees will be informed about procedures for the Ceremony. Coffee and sandwiches will be served at the start of the rehearsal.

It is important that everyone who is to be honoured at the Ceremony attends the rehearsal.

March 24 - Day of the Academic Ceremony

12.00: Lunch at the Falun residence of the Governor of Dalarna County. Applies to new professors and the Vice-Chancellor only. 

15.30: Photos at Galaxen, Borlänge. Applies to new professors, the Vice-Chancellor and honorary doctors only.

16.30: Procession – gather in designated places in the foyer of Galaxen (all who are being honoured). Other guests must be seated.

17.00: Academic Ceremony.

19.00 (approx.): Welcome drink followed by the banquet. A seating plan is in place for banquet guests.

23.30 (approx.): Bus departs for Falun.


Note, this page will be updated with information.

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Academic Ceremony 2023
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